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Breast Augmentation

“What implants will be used in my breast augmentation?” 

The choice of implants will depend on the shape, size and the desired result.  Mr Khandwala tends to use a wide range of implants from different companies and will decide upon the implant after due consultation with you.


“How long will my operation be?”

Mr Khandwala does not specify a time.  An operation must take as long as it requires so as to achieve the best possible result with the maximum amount of safety.  Mr Khandwala will be very happy to tell you the approximate time for your procedure during the consultation. 

“Will one consultation be enough for my surgery?”

Usually a minimum of two consultations is the norm for cosmetic surgery procedures.  Mr Khandwala does not charge for the second consultation(Cosmetic surgery only), but likes his patients to come and see him a second time so that the details of the operations can be explained and any queries answered.  Often, individual photographs and requirements of the patients are determined at the second consultation.

“Does nipple sensation change after breast augmentation?”

Yes, the nipple sensation can change after breast augmentation and can increase or decrease.  This is usually temporary but can on occasion be permanent.

“What follow-up will I have after Breast Augmentation?”

You are seen on a regular basis for a year. Follow-up after this time is at your discretion.

“Will I get a detailed estimate?” 

Yes, you will get a detailed estimate of the procedure and any anaesthetic and hospital charges that you will incur.  Any future charges will also be detailed.  There will be no hidden charges.  Insured patients are usually treated within insurance guidelines.


“What is the recovery time after abdominoplasty?” 

The recovery time after a mini-abdominoplasty is short, about 10 days to 2 weeks.  The recovery time after a full abdominoplasty can be longer depending on the amount of tissue excised and the pain threshold of the patient.  This is usually about the 2-3 week mark, but can be longer in some patients.

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